'GoAdaptive' is an online platform designed with reference to the Education Bureau (EDB) project 'Student Adaptive Learning Project' which aims to make use of information technology to cater for learning diversity, and promote self-directed learning in the Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics subjects. The delivery of learning resources as well as assessment tasks and questions designed with reference to different learning outcomes and levels of difficulty supports a personalised learning path that caters for the personal learning needs of students, supplements students' learning in class, and enables students to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

  The Chinese version of the learning and assessment resources for the full Key Stage (KS) 1 curriculum of the Mathematics subject are launched from 8 November 2022 and ready for use by all primary teachers and students. The learning and assessment resources for KS1 and KS2 Reading for the Chinese Language and English Language subjects as well as the English version for the full KS1 curriculum of the Mathematics subject would also be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

  'GoAdaptive' for KS1 Mathematics, which encompasses 'Learning Zone' and 'Testing Region', provides learning and assessment resources respectively:

  From the students' perspectives, 'GoAdaptive' can:

  From teachers' and schools' perspectives, 'GoAdaptive' can:


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